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We are based on responding to the expectations of our customers with the same quality and the continuity of the corporate culture, ignoring the changing conditions.

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Since the day we were founded, we continue to serve our customers with indifferent loyalty to our values ​​and without losing the family spirit.


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Our Products

Axial Expansion Joint

Axial Expansion Joints are expansion parts that absorb the thermal expansion along the pipe axis. The piping system is divided into mutual expansion sections and isolated by fi...

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External Pressurized Expansion Joint

Multi-knuckle expansion joints are used to absorb the high expansion amounts in very long pipelines. As the number of knuckles increases, the possibility of twisting of the exp...

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Universal Tied Expansion Joint

Universal tied expansion joint provide uninterrupted and efficient operation of your installation by absorbing tensions and ruptures and lateral deviations in pipelines that may o...

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Gimbal Expansion Joint

Gimball expansion joints are flexible fasteners that dampen the movement in three dimensions axially, laterally and angularly, minimizing the risk of fracture that may occur in th...

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Estech Expansion Joints

Quality Standards

With products we offer in domestic and export markets, our main goal is Customer Satisfaction. We design and manufacture expansion joints to worldwide industry standards.

We are confident that with our strong team we will continue to grow to be one of the largest expansion joint manufacturers in the world.


We offer fast and effective design solutions for all the different requirements that may be needed.


The essence of our production process is to prioritize both our management policy and customer satisfaction.

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